Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Eight Complainers Complaining

The internet is a wonderous thing indeed.  Without it, you wouldn't be at this website.  You'd be at a park, listening to the skinny white guy yelling abuse before someone says, "Mister Evil Breakfast, stop yelling about football and cricket.  You should yell abuse about something good."

The internet is also in a constant state of flux.  It changes all the freakin time.  Facebook updates itself nineteen times a day, and regardless of anything you post about your rights and your freedom and the second amendment or whatever the last fad of internet protective rights were all about, it is not going to make a difference.  Twitter probably changes as well, but I'm still trying to understand how it actually works and don't notice things in the background.  

Whenever something changes on the internet (which is quite literally every second of every day), it upsets people.  The slightest change seems to really piss a lot of people off.  "THIS FORUM IS DIFFERENT TO HOW IT WAS YESTERDAY!  YOU HAV JUST LOST URSELF A CUSTOMER" and "ERHMAGERD FACEBOOK HAS PUT A NEW FEATURE IN AND IT HAS RUINED MY LIFE I AM GOING TO FIND MY MYSPACE ACCOUNT SEE ME THERE EVERY1!!" 

Seriously, calm the fuck down, everyone.  Get off the internet if you're getting that worked up about your fucking Facebook wall being different.  What did people do before Twitter and Facebook and the talkbalk forums became the bar for consistency in peoples lives?  What would people do if they had more than 140 characters to say what they wanted? Or if photos of Neil Patrick Harris’ latest meal could not be seen immediately? 

Have people always complained this much?

"There's too much colour in this TV."
"There's too much sound coming out of this radio."
"There's too many moving pictures at the movie houses."
"What's with all the film in this camera."
"There's too much denim in these jeans."
"There's too much roundness to these wheels."
"There's too much heat from this fire."
"I'm tired of all this evolution."

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