Thursday, April 02, 2009

mster tipping drunkfast evil shutup

Sorry Todd Carney - I didn't recognise you with your pants on

ive been briven to drink by the nRL becuse they just dont want to win for me so fars this yea4.

this wees' tips are proucly brought to you buy beerzors and flamming shotsorz of tequilabucca stuipid rugbny wuouldln't know how to winn if it came up tho them nd said 'hey man heres a win for you' and theyd say 'no thanks i pref4er to SUCK!' i culd have tipppedp better last weelk if i was DRUNk which i n now am an d will see is if it makes da ifferents. difference. shh dont telm y boss

what the fuck is goingh on here honestly so here we goo you piece of shit raiders fuckl you11! round 1234 here we gooo and its your shuout!!! 1

Broncos vs Dragons
I DON'T CARE YOU BOTH SUCK. bisbrane should Win this contest but seriously dont fucking blame me if they dot'n seriously. Who the fuck knows what's going on with these fucking teams anymore? go to hell, fucking stupiD rugby league teams. go brancos!1 woooi love yoouuuu

Roosters vs Eels
oooh look at me i'm a fucking rooster!! la de fucking dah i am an eel. what the fuck is an eel anyway is it a snake or a fucking fish? here fishy fishy and then it fucking eats you stupid snake. or it just goes hello i am a snake and everyon says oh no and then itsays don't wprry i am just a fish hahahah and peoeple say oh thats okay then itS NOT OK. be s anake if you're gona be one or be afish. at least arooster knows what it is huh? go win mby a couple.

Panthers vs Tigers
hey kitty kitty kitty. ben marshallji is apparntly the next BIG thing even though he is quite small but probably is big enougyh. he will win. everyone else will lose.

Storm vs Titans
IT"S THE CLASCH OF THE TITANDS,,, and the Stromyou gus both suck too. but i dunno maybe yur a good bloke and we shuould hang out some more. 'would you like a drninki mr storm?' 'yes thnks mr breakfast that sound s quite loveRy' 'here y7ou go then.' 'dcheers!" drink drnnk drink. ' how bout you sir titan?! a beverage for y ou?' "no not for4 me thanks bfast i hav work tomorrow." 'BASTARD you will diE you piec hf shit"! storm by 120.

Warriors vs Rabbitohs
run rabbbit rbaabit run run run ow my head. warriors will win. kumate mulkate haka haaka slap slapsslap

Bulldogs vs Sharks
i would liky to see bnoth of thes teasms to explod e in a ball of explosion and fire and feathers. a DRAW! nah bolldogs will bproabblyably probably will win huh. yes. so tip thems. or tip the sharks adn pay to the consequencious of being a biG FAT DICKHEAD loser. stupid footty tips my wife left me. yus pleas i wuoudl dlike anothre beer heres some mnoney now go go go shhhh don"t tell my wife.

Knights vs Sea Eagles
just about enoug h of both of you2. sick of the sight of yu. get out. bot hof you get out your both fired!!11. wiat. wait wait . pehrpas i ham being too harsh on you both its not yur fault that uou are both fucking spaszmos .. you will win manly so no no no you SOHULD win soon manly seagles so you can have my tip for this WEKK only but don't 1 fucki up or i'll come looking fo you and will be expcteing some money back. manly woo yay!

Raiders vs Cowboys
bad and mean green machine. never in my LIFE have i seen such a disgracfufl performcne from a MACHINE i would take you back the manufacturer and demnad my mon2ey back if i bought such a incompetent machin e like you but you do hav a lovely colour ooh thank you it mayches my eyes NO IT DOESNT you LIAR@#$# dget your hands off me ill tell you whn ive had hnouhh to drink thank you. right so were whas i ? oh yes cowboys wil win and maybe we can then go out and eat a kebab. mmmooooooo. oi oi oi. uuuh dmnot feel so good

TIPP y tippsy tippppppp aaaarrrr. sip and tip and fuck you raiders.


Surlyraider said...

It's hard to believe but you're even funnier whenr you're (note the correct grammar) drunk. And you speak the truth. Except about the Raiders. I love them so much. Why do they hurt me so?

Anonymous said...

This weeks MEB brought to you by Dylan Moran. Even when you tip drunk you get them wrong. You don't tip against the rabbits. it's just not done. and this is the raiders best chance to get a win all season. Best tip was to eat a kebab. why isn't it lunchtime, and does subway count as a semi-kebab?

Mister Evil Breakfast said...

Subway does not count as a kebab, I'm sorry. Although now I'm torn; I was going to get some Subs for lunch, now I feel like a kebab. This means that Kingsleys is a distant third.

I really hope that the Raiders and Rabbits both win this weekend, just so people will appreciate that spastics can still contribute to society.