Monday, June 27, 2016

Food Review of the Day

After an unsuccessful mission to K-Mart, there's really only one thing that can adequately wash away the disappointment of not buying stuff that I don't particularly need than hitting up Bunnings Warehouse, where lower prices are just the beginning, and sausage sandwiches are pretty much at the end? This week's dinner is proudly brought to you by the Lions Club.

Bunnings Warehouse, Tuggeranong ACT

Around 2pm

Bit brisk and around 8 degrees

Hangover Rating:

The first thing you notice is that this is no ordinary sausage - this shit was made with more than the usual minced-up pig arsehole and gumboots than I have been fed at Bunnings over the last few weeks; this was real meat, seasoned, and loved.  And then put onto a hot plate, chucked on a slice of bread, topped with onion, smothered in sauce and devoured within about sixteen seconds.  If there was a Bunnings sausage-eating competition, I'd probably win, just saying.

Everything about the sausage sandwich worked - you could taste the snag plus the added flavour of last week's barbecue, the onion was fresh and had the perfect consistency of being "a bit raw as well as burnt to fuck", and the sauces were plentiful.  The service was also top notch, and despite the Lions Club being one person short in their roster, everything worked like a well-oiled Swiss watch, if Swiss watches are meant to be oiled.

If I had one criticism, it would be that I received some stifled laughter upon ordering a Fanta, but that was soon forgotten and forgiven once the final grease-laden crust was swallowed.  PS.  Fanta is fucking awesome, do yourself a favour and have one soon.

Thanks, Lions - you get a well-deserved three thumbs up in a score of 9/10.     

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