Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Food Review of the Day

What better way to celebrate a Saturday than to head down to Bunnings for a stud finder, a hammer and some wall plaster?  Add a sausage into the mix and you've got yourself a weekend, my friend.  Especially when the sausage is proudly cooked by the Salvation Army.

Bunnings Warehouse, Tuggeranong ACT

Around 11:00ish

Sunny and about 11 degrees

Hangover Rating:
Bit dusty 

You can't help but love the Salvos - they help people in need, they have dignity, and they won't chase you down outside supermarkets when you try and avoid the collection bucket.  But how is their sausage sizzling ability?

To be honest, they could have done better.  The sausage suffers from the 'fundraising curse' in that they have bought them from the cheapest place to sell them at maximum profit.  It's smart business, but it's not traditionally the tastiest of snoss.  Instead of getting yourself an additional 30 cents per sale, why not try a higher quality sausage and hope that the flavour inspires double-sausage purchases?  Let's be honest, if you're at Bunnings in the morning, there's a good chance that you will be back in the afternoon as well.

The bread was a step down from last week's netballing disappointment, and may or may not have been a day or three past its "Best Before" date.  There's nothing quite like that "crunch" when you bite into a sandwich... except for when you don't get a crunch from a sandwich.

The Salvo's onion was a saving grace - there was no fucking around with frozen bullshit from Coles this week; it wouldn't surprise me to know that the onions came from old mate Douglas' very own garden.  It was both plentiful and burnt well, and saved the sausage from being a complete failure. 

What the snossage snizzle lacked in flavour (and texture), it made up for with some military precision at the serving bar.  I guess that's why they are called an Army.  The old bloke was adept at rotating the snags, the other old bloke was fine with his bread and napkin handling, and the old duck was just there to have a chat.  My chat was about sauce, as I noticed that there were three on offer: tomato, barbecue and mustard.  We all agreed that tomato was the best sauce.  It was a great chat.

It was far from being a life-changing Bunnings sausage sizzle for all involved, but you can't help but love the Salvos, and throw a few more goldies into their collection bucket to help their cause.  I will also throw some bonus points at them and score them a solid 6/10.

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