Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Mister Evil Breakfast's Canberra Appreciation Month 2015

I tried really hard to get this to match the meter and rhyme scheme of "True Blue" by John Williamson, but didn't really get there because I think I forgot how much he sort of just drifts off and mumbles "Hey True Blue" and "sponge cake" and it started to get hard.  I've also had that song in my head for about a week thanks to this stupid launch of MEBCAM for 2015.  So now hopefully you will too.  You can thank me later.

Hey Canberra

Hey Canberra, you’re number one. 
So you’ve got yourself four big lakes
And all those fucking swans. 

Hey Canberra.  Hey Canberra
Walked through Garema Place, met some brand new mates.  
Who all need just a dollar 
To catch a bus to Crace.   

Hey Canberra 
Is it the ANU? 
Is it Banks or Hall?  Is it Amaroo?
In line at the bar in Kingos on a Friday night. 
There’s only one person on tonight. 

Canberra, you want microbrew? 
Drinkin at Bent Spoke 
My rent costs less than a pint
But this is what we do

Hey Canberra  
If it’s ten below   
Give us fucking snow!   

Hey Canberra
How 'bout the Raiders 
Back in ’94?  Yeah, it’s been a while.
Hey Canberra (you suck) 

Canberra, are you at the Moose? 
Is it the light rail, or the Vader balloon
Is it going to the Arboretum, because you fucking love trees? 
I’m not judging.  You just like trees. 

Caaaanberra, how’s your owl statue?   
Is it Tongue n Groove?   
Is it Scotty and Nige, is it Erindale Pool? 
Is it driving 10 minutes to work, and getting all red lights? 
Still made it in by nine. 


words and music by Mister Evil Breakfast and possibly John Williamson

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