Thursday, June 19, 2008

round 15 tips - NRL

There's been a bit of talk in the rugby league circles this week. Not so much talk in the squares, and the triangles have been deathly silent.

Hello? Is this thing on?

So this is my first blog about footy this year - sorry for everyone who's been relying on my infinite wisdom, but I was waiting until I was officially not last in my tipping comp before I started getting cocky and predicting the future.

Without any further Christine Anu, here are my tips for this weekend...

Treat him right

Bris vs Tiges
Both of these teams got done pretty convincingly last week, but my money is on the Broncs to pick up a lot better than the Tiges. Also, Benji Marshall looks brittle at the moment. If I was massive and a rugby player, I'd run at him. Bris by 12.

Dragons vs Panthers
I have no idea how either of these teams are travelling, to be honest, but I'm pretty sure they both kind of suck. Heads for Dragons, tails for Penrith. Heads it is.

Dogs vs Raiders
This one isn't as clean-cut as it should be - everyone in the world and their pot-belly pigs will tip the Bulldogs, but if I was a man with a plan and $5, I'd pop it on the Raiders to get up. Of course, I'd put $20 on the Dogs, who should have no trouble overpowering the Green Machine.

Storm vs Cowbs
The Cowboys are shit, the Storm are quite good. Tipping is easy. Melbourne by a thOUsand.

Warriors vs Manly
It would be unAustralian to tip Manly. It would be even more unAustralian to tip New Zealand... so Manly to win, despite the fact that it's in NZ. I don't rate 'home ground advantage' at all any more - every fucking player in the comp has a new 'home ground' every year, and when it's pissing down rain and there's a snow-capped breeze coming in, I'm pretty sure the players give less than two shits whether 3,000 spectators brought their flags to the game.

Knights vs Rooters
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Roosters. For no reason, I just think they'll win. It's like one of those premonition things, like Alison Dubois, or that psychic guy who speaks to dead people. Fuck, what's his name? John someone. Crossing Over. You know who I mean.

Sharks vs John Eales
Even though Parra got up nicely last week (and fucked my tips), I'm going to put it out there and say that they can't do it again. Might head down to Centrebet and pop a lobster on them though, just in case. Official tip: Sharkies by 16. Unofficially: Parra by 8.

Rabbits vs Titans
I love the Bunnies. But they won't win. Titans by 20.


Russell Crowe said...

Titans by 20. Dreaming. they've hardly scored more than 20 in a game all season.The bunnies to win to send the cowbs to the bottom of the table

Anonymous said...

Edwards! His name his John fuckin EDWARDS! Gosh, show the man some god damn respect! I'm so angry now! Arrrrrrrrrrrrr, Hulk Smash!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mister Evil Breakfast said...

Hey Russell. How's things? You owe me a beer. Make it two, actually; last I heard, you were quite rich.

Mister Evil Breakfast said...

Thanks anonymous. I was worried I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight.
Now I can, and I'll dream of John Edwards.