Friday, June 27, 2008

let's get ready to rumble

Sorry, I've been busy with my meth lab lately and haven't had time to rap whimsical this week. Or maybe I have, I can't remember. And my stupid poll thing isn't working. Stupid fucking blog shit. I hope you dozen people appreciate the shit I go through for you.

Tippy tippy tipparoos: I got a thousand right last week. I'm pretty awesome.

Panthers vs Broncos
Well, the Broncs will be missing all of their stars through Origin duties, and the Panthers have no stars to miss, so this will be a fairly even contest. The magic coins says heads. I didn't call it, and rather than flip again, I'll just say Panthers to win. I'm not picking scores this week, I embarrassed myself last time.

Roosters vs Dogs
While I'm expecting the Dogs to bounce back fairly solidly after last week's piss-poor performance against the Mighty Bloody Raiders, I still can't tip them. I also hate the Roosters. I don't care about this game, to be honest, but if some guy has your wife tied to a chair and is relying on you to pick a winner before he rips her arms off, I'd tip the Roosters. And if you are in that situation, you should probably re-think your life and try to work out where it all went wrong.

Titans vs Dragons
Hahahaha the Titans lost last week to the Bunnies. I fucking hate the Dragons. Titans to win.

Cowbs vs Rabbitohs
On paper, you'd tip the Cowboys, but since this game is being played for real, I'd have to go for the Bunnies. Craig Wing is back, and some other guy they have is looking tops too. Meanwhile, the Cowboys seem to have been watching Brokeback Mountain instead of Tombstone, and have become... well... gay cowboys. No offence to any gay cowboys out there.

Manly vs Knights
I really have no idea about this one. I have a funny feeling the Knights will get up, but I'm tipping Manly. Life is hard for me sometimes.

Tiggers vs Warriors
I honestly couldn't care less about either of these teams. It's not that I hate either of them, I just don't care for them. Tigers to win, but if that same guy has your wife tied up for this game, I'd probably start thinking about designing some robot arms, cause I'm not confident in either of these teams. Your poor wife.

Eels vs Storm
The Storm have absolutely no-one left to fill the gaps when their players are away. As a result, the Eels should have no problem in smashing the Mexicans. Parra are starting to come good, too.
Raiders vs Sharkies
This should be a pretty good clash. I'm tipping the Raiders, but that's just because I feel bad for not tipping them last week. Also I found my old Raiders jumper, so that's pretty exciting; like an omen or something. Turns out that it was in the spot in my cupboard where I keep my shoes, which is a bit weird. Why would it be in there? Oh the mysteries of life.

For all other sports, tip the home team. Except for the union, my money's on France. I think union is the only sport I like to see Australia lose in. If you go fishing this weekend, don't forget your worms, and check the small boat warning on the news.

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

why don't you like the Wallabies?

Mr Football

Anonymous said...

I am so fucking bored that i find this blog interesting.

I would like to have a cocktail with cameron diaz. i wouldnt be bored then.

Mister Evil Breakfast said...

Mr Football, I really don't know. I don't like union for starters... I don't like the rules, the points system, the shape of the ball, the shape of the players, the speed of the play, the referees... need I go on?