Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Up there Kazaly

Since my “article” (and yes, I use that term loosely) about the cricket, I’ve been inundated with feedback. I have literally received an email from a certain “Mr Football” who has kindly offered to give a rundown on the AFL comp for this year, which I’m sure will excite all you drooling nuffers out there.

Adelaide Crows:
The Crows will be in for a tough year in 07. After playing in the finals for 5 of the last 6 years, inlcuding making 3 prelims, the tide may be turning, and it is unlikely they will be one of the comp leaders again. They will probably make the finals, but winning the flag will be a slog. They should be able to beat their pathetic cross town rivals, the Port Shmower. The Shmower are a bunch a fucking useless cunts. they have a reputation for having sex with their sisters, and a fetish for their mum's mickey juice. Very few people that live in Port Adelaide have made it past year 4 at school. Mainly becuase their parents were too drug fucked to enroll them.

Brisbane Lions:
Several punters referred to the Brisbane Lions as the team of the century after winning premierships in 2001, 2002, 2003. I wish these jerkoff's would let me use their time machine cos they have obviously gone to the year 2099 to read up on the what happened during the past 95 odd years. What a bunch of tossers, Steve Quaterman being the main one. If I had time machine I would find out what the winning lotto numbers where every week, win lotto and then give all the money to Bill Gates, he is going to end up with it anyway.

The Lions had a poor year in 2006; there were may distractions in Brisbane. Firstly Jason Akermanis was busy being a dickhead. It's not the first time he has been a dickhead and it won't be the last. The other distraction was Lee "Lethal" Mathews and his Devine Home commercials. The chick in that commercial is super hot, no wonder Lethal was unable to focus on football. He was probably thinking about the chick the whole time. Mal Michael left the club at the end of 06, he retired for about 5 minutes and then came out of retirement and will play for Essendon. It was bit of a down and dirty thing to do. Eddie Maguire probably had something to do with it. He has been trying to stuff Brisbane up for years. Basically ever since the Lions knocked the Pies of in the GF (twice). Eddie fails to see that the Pies didn't deserve to be there in the first place and were just a bunch of hacks that fluked it. Poor Eddie, he can have all the success in the world but he barracks for the Pies so he will always be a loser.

I am predicting Brisbane to be outside of the finals again, not enough depth just yet. They are moving the right direction though and will cause a surprise or two along the way. Prediction 10th.

- Mr Football

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