Friday, February 23, 2007

Evil tight shorts

Thanks again to Mr Football...

Fremantle Dockers

You can lead a horse to water........

For the last 20 years the AFL have done everything in their power to make the competition even. Fremantle have done everything in their power to be the worst team in the comp. In 2006 they won a final for the first time in their pathetic history.

This team has had some of the best players on their list. However they have given them away to other clubs. They have been the most inept and unsuccessful club over the last decade. They are joined by Geelong, Bulldogs, Richmond, Melbourne and St Kilda as teams that have never won an AFL premiership.

However, finally Fremantle may be just about to emerge as a serious contender. For more than a decade the Dockers have been derided by AFL fans. the Dockers joined the AFL back in 1995 and have only made the finals twice. . They'll play finals again this season and may reach the top four. But they've still got a long way to go before we talk about their premiership credentials.

The bandwagon that is the Fremantle fan base is called the purple haze, I refer to them as the purple faggots.

Prediction 4th

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Anonymous said...

Purple faggots is right, and I reckon you're one of them, "Mr Football" (if that is your real name).