Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Job Interview of the Day

I like to go to job interviews for positions that I really have no intention of getting, and in most cases, don't even apply for. There's no harm in bullshitting your way into and out of the same interview. And fuck it, who knows where it might lead?

Interviewer: So, Mister Evil Breakfast, tell me about yourself; what really drives you to succeed? 

Mister Evil Breakfast: Well, I learned a lot while I was in Vietnam.
Interviewer: You have done some travelling around Vietnam?

Mister Evil Breakfast: If that's what you mean by "fighting in the Vietnam war", then yes.

Interviewer: In the war? How old are you?

Mister Evil Breakfast: I am 36. A lot of people think I look younger.

Interviewer: ...that would make it impossible for you to have been in the Vietnam war.

Mister Evil Breakfast: Are you saying that I went and did all of that for nothing? Sure there was a lot of blood and people screaming, but we never knew who the real enemy was.

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