Friday, May 29, 2015

NRL 2015 - Round 12: When Too Much Football is Probably Too Much

What the fuck happened last week?  Teams that were decimated by Origin absentees went on to win, teams that have been running shit hot for weeks looked shit house, and once again, NRL tipping geniuses like myself were left looking stupid.  But handsome.  So devilishly handsome.

What did everyone think of Origin?  I thought it was actually a bit average.  NSW looked absolutely shot in the second half, and I thought QLD should have put it right up them.  I wish I could say that the Blues defended like fucking madmen against wave after wave of relentless Maroon attack, but I’d be a big, fat liar.  The Queenslanders looked like they were just expecting the gaps to appear in the defensive line – there was very little for the NSW boys to do, other than just tackle the bloke in front of them.  So full credit to NSW for sticking to their defensive guns, full credit to QLD for winning the game, but I’m not sure that either team dug deep enough and gave the maximum 110% on this occasion.

For the next game, NSW should get the fuck rid of Hodkinson – the guy is a fucking joke, and to be included among the best players in Australia is an absolute kick in the dick to every other player in the NRL, and probably a few supporters and at least one blogger as well.  Bring in Adam Reynolds or Jamie Soward.  Maybe give Blake Austin a crack.  Or the bloke without legs from the ad on TV. 

They should also find a replacement for Jennings, who seemed to be having a contest with Trent Hodkinson as to who could be least involved in the game.  I think Jennings might have JUST snuck in a win in that department, as at least Hodko managed to fuck up a kick into touch, narrowly missing the grandstand by about half a field.  

I’d also piss Farah off, but I probably would have done that well before now.  Ennis has been carving it up this year, which I really hate to say, but he is probably the form hooker at the moment.  Heh.  Hooker.

QLD should also drop Inglis and hope that it fires him up.  The guy is a marshmallow at the moment.  It doesn’t really matter who else they bring in; it would be a definite improvement. 

Anyway, moving onto the weekend’s games… and what the fuck is going on with the draw?  Last week we had four games, this week we have seven.  What’s the deal with two teams having a bye?  HOW DOES THIS WORK?

Round 12:

Penrith vs Parramatta
This is officially the last roll of the dice for Parra to do anything this year.  If they fail to impress this week, they are royally fucked for the season and may not win again this year.  Statistically speaking, the last time Parramatta managed to direct the ball through the big sticks in the middle of the field (i.e. kick a goal), was at the 30 minute mark in the Round 9 game against the Melbourne Storm.  Since then, they have failed to kick one.  No penalties, no conversions. That's 215 minutes (including 5 mins of extra time against the Warriors) of football without a goal.  I don’t know whether to be impressed or not.

Titans vs Rabbitohs

Hopefully the Rabbits wake up this week and get back to playing some decent footy; they’ve been shithouse lately.  And if there’s a team in the comp who can play their opposition into a bit of form, I think the Titans can probably do it.    

Raiders vs Broncos

Sigh.  It hurts to do it, but my tip is going for the Horses this week.  God knows what last week’s Canberra/Bulldogs game was all about – after the dour struggle that was the rest of the weekend’s games, it was probably for the good of the sport that about 90 points were scored.  Normally if you knock up 34 points, you’d expect to win.  The Raiders are special like that.  I think the Broncos earned some respect last week with their win over the Knights without about 70 of their Origin stars, plus Corey Parker.  I reckon they might just do it again.  Sorry Raiders.

Cowboys vs Manly

I almost tipped an upset in this game, then I realised that I’d be tipping Manly and felt so very, very dirty.  Hopefully the six minutes of Origin that Mick Morgan experienced won’t have tired him out too much, as he’s got a big ol’ team of Sea Eagles to destroy.

Warriors vs Knights

Gotta tip someone, might as well pick the team without Gidley in it.  Always tip against Gidley.  I’m pretty sure that was in the Bible somewhere.    

St George vs Cronulla

The Dragons are apparently playing some good footy at the moment.  I say “apparently” because I haven’t actually noticed.  I didn’t even realise that they still had a team. 

Roosters vs Storm

Gotta tip someone, right?  I picked the Storm as I think following Origin, it proved that a lot of the Melbourne Maroons players are actually in decent form - Cronk's kicking game is back on track, Smith is running from dummy half more, and Slater's grubbiness is back in full force.   

You feel like you're really a part of the game

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