Friday, August 31, 2012

NRL 2012 Round 26: Last Time Around

My computer is fucked, so I have no idea if this is going to work. 

The last round of the regular NRL season, the last day of Canberra Appreciation Month, the last day of winter, the Last Samurai, the Last Stand, the last last list I ever try and make up.  Oh wait, the last games of NRL for Hindmarsh, Burt, Young and Hornby.  People only really care about Hindmarsh though, as the other blokes are a bit “oh yeah, I think I know those guys.  Don’t really care too much though,” with the possible exception of Luke Burt, who is “oh yeah, I know him.  Boring bloke who plays on the wing, yeah?” 

It’s the last throw of the dice for the Broncos to squeeze into the top eight; something they probably don’t deserve to do, seeing as they’ve lost their last million games and haven’t even  been able to cheat their way out of tight situations.  But with a game against the Panthers, who will have their minds set firmly on which dress they’ll wear at Mad Monday celebrations, should be able to rack up what I figure to be their first victory of the season. 

The last game of the season also throws up a couple of pondering ponderments upon which to ponder, especially for those teams who have cemented themselves in the finals, and those who have cemented themselves in their own driveway.  Anything could happen with the Dogs and the Rooters, the Knights and the Bunnies, Titans & Manly, and the Tigers and the Storm.  I am going for the Cowbs to beat the Sharks, just because I don’t like the Sharks and hope they all catch syphilis.  For me, the greatest interest will be the “last game” last game for last gamers Hindy, Burt and the other blokes that no one rates.  Despite the Eels having claimed the spoon for 2012, I think they’ll get home on a parochial crowd and sheer determination.  Also, because the Dragons’ wheels have officially fallen off and nobody likes them.

Newcastle Knights vs  South Sydney Rabbitohs
Brisbane Broncos vs  Penrith Panthers
Gold Coast Titans vs  Manly Sea Eagles
Bulldogs vs Sydney Roosters
Wests Tigers vs Melbourne Storm
Sharks vs  North Queensland Cowboys
Parramatta Eels vs St George-Illawarra Dragons

New Zealand Warriors vs Canberra Raiders

It’s the last chance the Raiders will get to score themselves a finals appearance at ye olde Canberra Stadium.  They need to win against the Warriors who are at home, but that hasn’t really been a problem for most teams this year.  The Warriors have sacked their halves combination, which is a tactic that hasn’t worked for anyone in recent memory, and they’d be better off just picking 13 front-rowers to try and beat the Raiders into submission instead of passing the ball through the backline.  All the Raiders really need to do this week to notch up a win and the opportunity to play in front of Mister Evil Breakfast (me) is to keep kicking it towards Manu Vatevai.  Ever seen a drunken gorilla try and pick up a wet watermelon seed from the ground?  It’s not always pretty, but it is entertaining to watch. 

Raiders by a few dozen.

Some fans collect signatures. This fan collects body parts.

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