Monday, August 01, 2011

Welcome to MEBCAM 2011

Happy Canberra Appreciation Month for 2011!

Fresh Prince of Canberra

Now this is a story all about Canberra
A place where you aren’t punished for driver error
So shut up about your big cities and how Canberra’s a bore
I don’t see anywhere else with suburbs called Harrison and Forde.

In South Tuggeranong, born and raised,
at the Hyperdome is where I spent most of my days,
Pacific 6, Sizzler, and Timezone were there
Tight black jeans and hightops, kids with rat-tailed hair
When all my favourite shops got boarded up again
I jumped on the 120 and started hanging out at Woden.
When I saw that McDonalds was inside, I knew I was wrong
To have spent so much fucking time down in Tuggeranong.

When you call for a cab, get your bank manager on hold
& when you wait for the bus it’d better not be too cold
If you don’t have a car, you’re right up Shit Creek
Which is as shitty as it sounds and has green algae outbreak.

Canberra has a lot of roundabouts, which some people don’t get
But it makes it easy to u-turn when you’re lost in Rivett
Visitors to the Berra can’t wait to pour shit on ya,
But they can go fuck themselves ‘cause we’re the capital of Australia.

Canberra's Lake Burley Griffin is so polluted that it reflects unnatural light onto the surrounding buildings

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