Friday, April 15, 2011

NRL 2011 Round 6 – I have my serious face on

There comes a time in every tipster’s life when they have to stop tipping games with their heart, and start using their head. This week is such a time for me. I have grown a beard for this occasion; it gives me a look of wisdom and gravity. I can also stroke it thoughtfully as I ponder the outcomes of each game this week – who’s in, who’s out; whose groin is sore, whose groin is not sore. Honestly, it keeps me awake at night, thinking about all those groins. Well, that and dinosaurs with nightvision goggles. We cannot escape them… and that’s awesome.

I reckon that it’s right about now that Souths are wondering if Inglis was worth the money, Hindmarsh is wondering why he bothers turning up at all, and Todd Carney’s wondering who he has to blow to win the Dally M again this year.

Eels v Bulldogs
Titans v Tigers
Sea Eagles v Warriors
Roosters v Broncos
Knights v Sharks
Panthers v Storm
Rabbitohs v Dragons

Cowboys v Raiders
Sorry Raiders, but you’ve had enough chances. You’re playing shithouse all over the park. Everyone’s blamed Matt Fucking Orford for your fucking awful performances so far, but it really has been a full team effort to have sucked so much this season.

Morford is out this week after pulling his groin (that joke never gets old) and Sammy “the great white hope” Williams gets another chance to impress my socks off. It won’t be an easy game for him though, as the Canberra pack look like they’ve all swapped their beef jerky injections for non-fat chai lattes, and might leave Sam fighting a lonely, uphill battle.

I have no idea how the Cowboys are playing this year, but I think it’s safe to assume that they’re doing much better than Canberra at the moment, so they’re getting my nod for the week.

Go fuck yourselves, Raiders, you fucking fucks (PS. I love you).

MEB cumulative score: 16

This guy is so pissed off at the Raiders, he cut the head off their mascot and made a suit out of his skin

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