Friday, June 11, 2010

Round 14: Origin II: Origin’s Revenge

Sequels of note: Spider-man 2, The Dark Knight, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakwel - which had a much more clever name than Alvin and the Chipmunks: The First Piece of Shit Movie.

Sequels not so much of note: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze, Superman 2, Speed 2: Cruise Control.

Some real career killers in there. Will Origin 2 fizzle out? If Origin 1 has any reflection on the way things will go – the answer is yes.

Titans vs Manly
It’s the CLASH OF THE TITANS... and Manly! To be perfectly Francis, I think I’ve run out of ways to insult these two teams, so I’ll just let their sub-standard performances in this game do the sledging for me. I’m slightly torn as to who will win this game – Manly are depleted due to injury and State of Origin duties, and the Titans are depleted due to being from Queensland. Fuck it, I’m going for the Titans. It was going to hurt either way.

Cowboys vs Raiders
I think this is probably the first time this season that Raiders coach Dave Furner has looked ahead and thought, “Yeah, fuck yeah. Another two points for us!” before heading to the pub. The Green Machine to have this one wrapped up by the 20 minute mark.

Knights vs Warriors
God. Tipping this is like having to kiss your sister. And I mean YOUR sister (the uggo one), because I don’t have one. F*ck it, I’m going for the Knights, only because Gidley won’t be around to fuck things up for them again.

Broncos vs Rabbits
The Rabbits have ten players out due to injury, suspension and Origin. That’s a fair whack. But I can’t tip the Broncs, because I don’t like them. That was easier than I thought.

Storm vs Roosters
These idiots were both less than awesome last week as well. The Roosters got beaten by the Sharks, man. That’s fairly embarrassing. The Storm should be able to wrap this one up by about 30 and come away with the 0 points.


Origin 2 will follow the tried-and-true theme that made the Home Alone series so fucking entertaining – don’t change a damn thing and just watch people flock to it. Another game, another Maroon victory and that makes it 5 years in a row that the trophy has gone north. I blame Macauley Culkin. How the hell he got together with Mila Kunis is anybody’s guess - just like how Kurt Gidley is (a) picked for NSW, and (b) selected as captain. I'm sure he'll do a bang-up job at leading the team from the bench.

Tip it. Tip it. Tip it real good.

Sweep the leg

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