Thursday, April 22, 2010

Here fishy fishy fishy

Ah Australia. We are fairly blase about the dangers that our wildlife offer sometimes. So much so that when a certain species of fish who eats snakes, birds and rodents, loves the shit out of blood and can grow to a metre long, pings over here from Papua New Guinea, they are declared a “pest.” According to the Animals and Shit in Australia Scale which I just invented, this puts them on the same level as mosquitoes, cane toads and Daryl Somers. "Fishzilla" as it has been dubbed by some champion of the media, can live in poor environments, which makes them quite suitable to thrive in Queensland. They have also been known to walk on land, incidentally putting them above many people in Queensland.

Honestly, when a flesh-eating fish arrives in our waters and we dismiss it as a ‘pest’, perhaps it’s time to have a good, hard look at just how awesome we are.

Damn pesky fish

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind if it chomped on a few Banana Benders. They're all bogans anyway.