Friday, April 13, 2007

such a waste

According to this (,23663,21543395-7484,00.html), Justin Timberlake and Madonna are teaming up to work on her new album. Madonna’s, I mean. Welcome to the wonderful world of multiplying zeroes, people. This is the guy who apparently brought sexy “back” from wherever the hell it was (probably in the shed. Everything’s in the shed) and the chick who made ugly, dumb sluts feel good about being ugly, dumb sluts for three decades now. Well done, Mads. For someone not blessed with a lot of talent or good looks, you’ve done alright for yourself. I especially liked the way you re-recorded “American Pie” to make sure everyone knew you were a media whore, and then changed your accent to Eurotrash. Bring back the pointy boobs.

And JT? Well… fuck. If that guy isn’t following in the footsteps of Michael Jackson, I’ll eat one of his gay hats. They both came from a bubblegum pop band, cracked the big time, decided they were bigger than Jesus, left the other losers behind and embarked on a strangely successful solo career. Both are claiming titles to be the “King of Pop”, both look and act like giant homos, and both pretend they’re black.

Mark my words, children of the world – Timberlake will be playing Mickey Mouse Club with you very soon.

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