Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mister Big Brother

Welcome Winter, welcome Big Brother. That's right, another year of "surprise twists", "sexy singles" and "unpredictable mayhem" will be the only thing on tv for the next 3 months. I'm not saying this is a terrible show, I'll let the rest of Australia say that, and I have in fact been known to kick back on the couch with my uggies, a doona, a cup of hot Milo and at least three Milk Arrowroots and watch this reality phenomenon.

But my problem is this: The outside world is now missing 16 window lickers. Who will provide now that they're locked up together to fondle each other and dribble about, like, how they, like, are discovering themselves, you know?


Anonymous said...

Mt. Arrowroot!

Anonymous said...

They are totally contributing to the edumacation of Orstraya don't you know, via this totally novel social experiment and shit: duh

*turns and races to ANU to lodge doctoral thesis application: Big Bogan, a postmodern dissertation on the Hotness of Thomas*

Anonymous said...

I am a BB fan. It comes on straight after neighbours so is therefore quality TV simply by its proximity to other another quality show. It is also a good laugh, particularly Haley, who stated something along the lines of "I am proof that not only Bogans go on this show" sorry love but you are a BOGAN.

It also doesn’t interfere with football.

BTW How crap are the Melbourne Demons. As I commented earlier they are a shit club. They are where they belong, at the bottom of the ladder. Don’t mind seeing Dragons and Roosters hovering around at the foot of the ladder too.

And another thing. How good has Watto been in the WC. Handy with the bat and ball, lively in the field. The perfect no. 7.

Mr Football

Mister Evil Breakfast said...

Dear Mr Football, or should I say, Mr Watson, as you obviously are so in love with the sack of shit that you've either married him or changed your name to suit.

Watto has done nothing with the ball or bat that I was awake for. All I remember is him chucking down 7 balls at a Bangladesh No. 8 and giving up, knowing that this little pig farmer was too good for him. It took him several months (possibly years) to overcome this. He's a spastic, and is the weak link in the Aussie side. The Lankans know this and should take full toll on his useless, tubby little soul.