Friday, May 10, 2013

NRL 2013: Round 9 - That part of the season where nobody cares

Ah Round 9.  It's a few weeks out from the naming of the State of Origin teams, which pretty much means that nobody gives a flying rats' about the general week-to-week of whom is playing who.  A typical water cooler conversation (fuck I want a water cooler in my office; I would totally never leave it.  Water coolers are the best - it's not the water that I love, it's the tiny little cups) after this weekend will go like this:
"Did you see the footy on Friday?"
"Yeah, nah. Who won?"
"The C--"
"I reckon Carney for Origin."
"He broke his le--"
"He is playing real well.  Yeah.  Carney.  No question."

And then when Carney isn't named in the team (please please please please please), that bloke will be the first to be screaming blue murder (sounds an odd thing to scream, but I heard it was big in the 1800s) that Carney was robbed of his rightful Origin jersey and blah blah blah racism blah blah give a bloke a chance blah blah fallen fucking angel blah blah strippers and coke.  Ignore the fact that Carney has a broken leg (and zero skill) though. 

For the record, no one should play for NSW this year.  They should just cancel it for a bit and let us prepare a bit more.  In all seriousness though, I think this year is a good chance for the Blues to sneak in a victory - QLD definitely aren't as good as they used to be - Slater is a fucking muppet, Thurston is rubbish, Cam Smith is getting by purely on reputation, their forwards are all potatoes and they keep picking Justin Hodges.  The only decent player they've got is Inglis, and half the time he doesn't really look like he wants to be there either.  Probably because Thurston's on the team. 

In news that does have something to do with football, Josh "Duges" Dugan has signed with St George.  Hooray.  I was getting worried about Duges.  I actually sent him a tweet today, but I haven't received anything back yet.

Today actually is Josh Dugan's birthday

Round 9

This round I'm tipping (hoping) for the Tigers to continue their run of shitness.  If Benji Marshall has been named in the team, there's an excellent chance of that happening.  The Titans will piss on the Dragons' "Let's Welcome Josh Dugan to the Club" party, and the Storm should put about 40 on the Penriff Panfers, who somehow found a few million to throw at Todd Carney.  Todd Carney somehow said, "Yeah nah" and didn't sign with them.  It might have something to do with his broken leg.  Manly and the Roosters can just fucking murder each other, I don't give a shit.  As long as there are no survivors.

Rabbitohs vs Cowboys
Tigers vs Sharks
Warriors vs Bulldogs
Eels vs Broncos
Titans vs Dragons
Panthers vs Storm
Sea Eagles vs Roosters

Game of the Round

Raiders vs Knights

Yep, those sneaky Raiders did it again last week - being good when no one was really expecting it in upsetting Melbourne for the third time in as many games.  That officially makes the Storm the Raiders' gimme game, along with St George.  And Parra, but Parra games are gimme games for everyone.  Except Parra.

The Raiders have a fucking shithouse record against the Knights, but Newcastle are threatening to play Kurt Gidley, which really brings Canberra back into the comp.  After a gutsy win last week (I have no idea what Newcastle did though, sorry), I can't help but back the Raiders all the way to the bank. 

Canberra by a bit. 

PS.  Sorry about the thing last week about the Raiders having a blue shirt.  They didn't.  But I definitely saw it somewhere.

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