Friday, July 09, 2010

Round 18: Go hard or go home

So State of Origin is finally fucking over for another year. The Queenslanders can go home, beat their wives, sleep with someone else’s wife, drink some XXXX and fall asleep in the back of their ute and dream happily. The NSW players can go home, beat their wives, pack rape a 16-year old and knock back a couple of eccies with a bottle of scotch and drive over a guy on a bike and spend the weekend “assisting police with their enquiries.” He’ll dream happily too, but only because he can’t remember if he won the footy or not and still has millions of dollars to roll around in.

Roosters vs Rabbitohs
It’s not often that you can use the term “traditional rivals” and actually mean it. But these two teams hate the fucking shit out of each other and aren’t afraid to show it. I see Souths winning the game, the fight and the mascot race at half-time.

Tigers vs Titans
It’s the CLASH OF THE TITANS… and the Tigers. The Tigers have a horrible habit of playing really poorly when they come up against a shit opponent. I don’t see that changing this week, considering the Titans are the shittiest of the shit. Tigers by 2.

Manly vs Raiders
My apologies to all the Manly fans out there because I forgot to tip their last game.
Apologies to the Raiders fans out there because the Raiders suck.
Apologies to the Raiders because I’m not tipping you this week.
And the Raiders can apologise to me whenever they want for being so fucking bad.

Bulldogs vs Storm
Bahahahahahahaha Storm.

Knights vs Sharks
God, there’s always one drooling mess of a game each week, isn’t there? I’m going to call on Paul the Psychic German Octopus. He went for the Knights. As much as I think he’s kidding himself, I’ll trust the little eight-legged fucker this time.

Panthers vs Warriors
I really don’t think the Panthers have the balls to make it to the Grand Final this year, despite them running second on the ladder right now. But then, the Warriors just won’t be the team to shake them.

Eels vs Cowboys
Edit: There are always two drooling messes of games each week. Welcome to Droolfest Part 2. If I had to give a flying fuck about the outcome of this match, I’d pick the Eels, just because it’s hilarious to see the Cowboys flap around the bottom of the table.

Don’t stop tipping!

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How 'bout a 'Josh Dugan' resigning update. His new contract might help him pay for a few cabs and get some more tattoos.