Friday, September 18, 2015

NRL 2015 Finals Week 2: This round looks deceptively easy... and short

And then there were six.  And only two games to tip this weekend.  I don’t know how to feel about that.

Let’s play Australia’s fastest growing game show:  Mister Evil Breakfast’s sexual prowess, or a rugby league game?  A lot of frustrated fumbling at the start, some painful ball control, a couple of injuries, then a flurry of good play and surprised faces at the end. Very exciting finish, but overall a bit average.
And the answer is:  Roosters vs Melbourne from last week.  Melbourne did what Melbourne do, and once again, no one had an answer to it until after the game when the only response was to have a whinge to the refs about it.  This just in:  Melbourne slow the play down.  I don’t particularly like the way the Storm play - it took about 65 minutes for the match to actually register on the “this-game-has-actually-started-o-meter” – but until refs actually start penalising them, why would they stop?  They win games, they get paid.  That’s kind of what they’re there to do. 

The Cowboys all looked like they were about to cry after losing to the Broncos last week.  It was good to see. 

Roosters vs Bulldogs
KFC vs kebabs, who could possibly pick a winner?  Depends on how hungover you are, I guess.  I’m thinking that the chooks will take this one; hopefully Roger Tuiveisa-Sheck will actually produce something this week, as I can’t see Channel 9 continuing to use the highlight loop that they’ve got for too much longer.  Ha, of course I can.  The only way for the Dogs to win this is to cheat, which they were always going to do.  But will they cheat enough?  No way, not with Maloney up against them.

Cowboys vs Sharks
Everyone loves an underdog, but this is where the Sharks dream will end, I reckon.  They’ve done well to carry Paul Gallen for a whole season, but my money is on the Cowboys to take this one in a surprisingly easy game. 

That’s about all.  This blog was a bit ordinary, but you're used to that by now.  

USELESS STAT OF THE WEEK, courtesy of Twitter, sponsored by McDonalds and Mitre 10.

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