Friday, April 12, 2013

NRL 2013: Round 6 - When the Saints hit Struggletown

The biggest news in sport this week was the claim that the St George Dragons (or the St George Illawarra Steel Dragons, for those who are particular about things, and also living in approximately 1998) have put in a bid, or some interest, or a mild thought, or even had a dream about signing Josh Dugan and Todd Carney.  Together.  To play.  Football.

What the fuck.  Seriously?  I don't particularly like St George, but I don't think that any football team really needs to piss on their fans, sponsors and other players that much, do they?  For one, those two dickwits shouldn't be allowed in the same country as each other at the same time, let alone the same team.  I can forsee the house prices in Wollongong dropping fairly rapidly once these fuckheads arrive.  

There should be a limit on tattoos in the one club anyway.   

In other news around Australia, it has been alleged that even coaches in the AFL need a quick fix to make the game more enjoyable.  Fuck injecting horse growth hormones into yourselves, you idiots.  Just learn how to catch; that'll improve your sport.

Round 6

Round 6 of the NRL is another nut scratcher, with injuries making a few tips a bit hard, and general hatred of other clubs really weighing on my mind.  Let's see the Eels take it to an injury and Dave-Taylor-depleted Titans side, the Rooters to lift a notch against the Dawgs and the Bunnies to test out Billy "My Kicking Foot is Sore" Slater by running Greg "RAH I'M A STEAMROLLER" Inglis at him all night.  My money is on the Cowboys to shake off their shittiness, and the Dragons to hopefully belt the Tigers, because I think they deserve to win after being told that two of Canberra's finest exports are coming into town. 

Broncos vs Cowboys
Roosters vs Bulldogs
Knights vs Panthers
Rabbitohs vs Storm
Sea Eagles vs Sharks
Tigers vs Dragons
Titans vs Eels

Game of the Round

Raiders vs Warriors

My tipping last week was a woeful three out of eight, and I paid the price of not believing that the Raiders would drag their sorry, busted, broken, legless, dishevelled selves across the line with a few minutes to spare after coming back from 16-0 down against the Roosters.  The Warriors have impressed whoever watches their games this season, and threaten not to be as horrible as everyone thought they would be.  But last week proved that you can never write off the Canberra boys, unless they're playing someone really good.  And that's not the Warriors.  Raiders by a dozenish.

Why I could play footy:  I could look slightly less scared than Jarrod Croker whenever I got the ball

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