Tuesday, July 29, 2008

sonny days, chasing the rain away

So... Sonny Bill Williams has decided to turn his back on the National Rugby League (NRL), duck off to France and become a Ruby-Union-playing-cheese-eating-surrender-monkey eh?

Well... I can't say that I have ever been a fan of ol' SBW, but I'm probably less of one right now. And yes, I've been reading stories about him and his contracts and rumours and hearsay and blah blah fucking blah, and all these fucking idiots saying, "LOL SBW did a good thing what if you where offerred three times as much as u where geting at ur job at a nother job down the road LOL off course you wood take it LOL." Good point, illiterate blogger, and yeah, I'd probably take it. But I'd probably also let someone know about it. You know, my friends, workmates, my boss. Just in case, you know, it didn't quite work out. I like to call it "being a decent bloke." Also, if I told people, I might get a farewell afternoon tea, and I quite like cake.

"But MrBerakfast the nrl cant pay him as much LOL he should b fine to sing another contract LOL"

No mate. A contract is an agreement. You’re supposed to honour such agreements. Especially considering that he was earning $400,000 a year, it shouldn’t be too hard to struggle through this one. . He's 22. What the fuck does this kid do with his money that suddenly $400,000 a year (that's over $7,500 a week, excluding endorsements and sponsorship) just isn't quite enough? How much did you earn when you were 22? And you know what he does for a living? He plays football. So far this year, he's played 11 games (and we'd have to assume he's not going to add to that tally), which is around $36,000 a game. The poor lamb, he'd better fuck off out of the country that made him a superstar athlete and earn more money. I fucking hate people sometimes.

Best of luck, Sonny Bill, you fucking hack. Bien venue de la club de crowbar.


surlyraider said...

I concur MEB....lol.

Anonymous said...

half kiwi, half samoan, former wanna-be aussie, now a french faggot.

No wonder he is screwed up.

Mr Fooball