Friday, July 14, 2006

open the window

A funny thing to do is pretend that you're your own identical twin, and keep running out of the room and putting on a hat and then pretending that you're you again. Just be careful that you don't get drunk and lose your hat, or the jig will be up.


Anonymous said...

What happens if you're a zebra? No two zebras have identical stripes, it's true, your mum told me so. I once met a zebra named Toby, man did he love to joke around. This sounds like the work of Toby if you ask me. Are you asking me? I know its you Toby. Stop calling me, i've told you it's over, so please leave me alone.

Mister Evil Breakfast said...

Sorry, I should have put a disclaimer on this one. I'll do it now. DISLCAIMER: DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS IF YOU ARE A ZEBRA, OR LIKE THIS GUY, A FUCKING MORON. Why the hell would zebras wear hats anyway? You're thinking of Zulus.

I often think of Zulus.