Thursday, November 25, 2004

...and she's buying a stairway to heaven...

i don't really have a good reason to be singing 'stairway to heaven'; i mean, i haven't heard it recently, but have had it stuck in my head for the entireity of today. well, to be honest, that one line has been stuck in my head, which is just plain annoying.

today started just like any other day. i woke up, turned off my alarm, and went back to sleep. woke up again sometime later, and cried because it was time to go to work. so i lay in bed for a while longer, delaying the inevitable. i lay there for quite some time. long enough to be late to work... but as i said, that's just like any other day. as i lay there, quite aware of the time ticking away, i tried to justify my laziness, and how i could possibly wake up later, and be at work earlier. my thoughts turned to a shorter shower, less time shaving, speeding through school zones, ignoring traffic lights, building a flying car, inventing a time machine... in the end, it all seemed too much, so i just got up. late. and was late to work. but the people i work with care less about me being late than i do, so it's all good.

anyway, today i spent some time with someone that i see most days. you've probably got your equivalent, whether you're reading this in an internet cafe in Fiji, are an eskimo on holiday in Madagascar or just work in a different part of Canberra to me. the guy with the squeegee that washes your windscreen at the traffic lights.

every fucking day, this fucking ratty man and his trusty squeegee, soaked in dirty water attacks my car. i blame him for everything that's wrong with my car, which is quite a lot. he tracks me down, the little fucker, and forces me to pay him. prick. on the off days that the lights are green at his particular intersection, he radios ahead to his equally ratty, smacked-out friend a few blocks up, and i inevitably have this bastard drooling on my windows.

and i always hand over the gold.

i have two reasons - one is that i'm soft. i never stand up for myself, and try to avoid confrontation at all cost.

two, i always try not to piss people off if it looks like they might have the plague.

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