Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Things that are just tops

this isn't going to be a pansy arsed list of things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy, like being told "i love you" when you've had a shit day, nor is it a list of things that are just brilliant, like blow jobs. it's just a list of cool shit.

  • waking up in the morning (read: afternoon) after a night out on the piss, heading down to mcdonalds and finding a $20 in your pocket that you didn't think you had - otherwise you would've spent it on more beer and a kebab that you probably would have chucked up anyway.
  • waking up in the morning (read: afternoon) after a night out on the piss, checking your phone and realising that you didn't make any calls or send any texts to your ex girlfriend.
  • waking up and having just enough milk to make a coffee.
  • seeing the price of petrol at $1.00 a litre and thinking, "that's cheap", but forgetting to fill up until the next day and the price is still $1.00 a litre.
  • X-Men
  • free tea and coffee at the Southern Cross Club (for members and invited guests)
  • Finding 40 cents in the back seat of your car when you're leaving the multi-storey
  • A desk job and the Internet. Fucking gold, man.
  • the film clip to Shiny Happy People
  • Steak. Medium rare. With fries, vegetables and pepper sauce.
  • Carlton Draught (twice as good when had with the above)
  • Cricket that starts at 11:00am on a Saturday, so you can literally crawl from your bed to the couch and not miss a single ball.
  • CD singles with a cool b-side or cover song
  • coming to the end of a list

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