Thursday, October 02, 2014

Hashtag Canberra Appreciation Month Hashtag Over

Well we’ve had a few days of Canberra sun
The capital declares “Summer’s Begun!”
We fuck off our jumpers and jackets for the year
It’s t-shirts and shorts to meet outside for a beer.

The temperature soars to more than thirteen
And there’s no ice every morning on your car’s windscreen
That you have to scrape off with an old membership card
That I paid $8 for at the Irish Club to sign up for three months - yes I am a retard.

For a whole week the city turns paradise tropical
And Canberra smells like coconut oil
The heaters go off and we dust off our fans
It’s a summertime feel from Dunlop to Banks.

But just as we think we’ve escaped Canberra’s cold
Something occurs to bring us back to the fold
The clouds roll back in and the wind picks back up
And everyone starts thinking, “Now, what the fuck?”

It’s cold again; it’s a Canberra thing
The air con goes out and the heater’s back in
It’s not because of ozone, pollution or driving my car
The weather turns shit for the start of Floriade.

Tulips and ferris wheels bring forth climate change
And Canberra’s spring event is pissed on by rain
Just when you thought, “Yeah, let’s look at flowers!”
You change your mind quickly because of spring showers.

By the end of September, we wait for WIN news
To tell us the stats that we already knew:
"Visitors down, designs rated highly"
Mainly because people voted from O’Reilley’s.

It’s not that Canberrans don’t like a tulip or two
But an annual flower show – is that the best we can do?
If we could focus a bit more on the other shit there
And less on the petals, we might start to care.

There’s music and markets and food and there’s beer
Surely that’s something to promote every year?
I’d brave cold algae winds blowing in off the lake
If it meant I could drink and stick food in face.

Lucky for us there’s another Canberra treat
Luckier still, it’s at the height of our heat
Where we can see mullets and flannies and show off our class

January’s coming, which means Summernats!

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