Friday, August 16, 2013

NRL 2013 Round 23: Schifcofske's Pretty Shitty Little City

Canberra Appreciation Month has coincided with a tumultuous time in the Raiders’ 2013 season, as they play the top teams right after each other.  Melbourne, Roosters, Canterbury, Manly.  We Canberrans love a challenge.  Traditionally, the Raiders play like absolute fucking shite during Canberra Appreciation Month, which is an age-old custom that is used to help maintain loyal support for the Green Machine despite them losing a lot.  Personally, I feel that its effect is beginning to wane and they should probably consider, you know, winning.

I had a dream the other night about Clinton Schifcofske, a former Raiders captain.  I think it was because I was trying to work him into the opening MEBCAM poem about Canberra, and was worried that Schifcofske didn’t quite fit the rhyme scheme.  In fact, I’m still thinking about it and have decided that it did work.  In any case, in my dream, he came back to play in the NRL and was immediately made captain/coach of the Raiders, and for some reason the other team didn’t want to tackle him and he scored a shit tin of tries and went really well but retired the next game and moved in next door to me, but we didn’t talk to each other and I guess he moved out quietly fairly shortly afterwards.

Round 23:

What a shit week of tipping last week – sending me from a pretty 30,000th in Australia to 87,000.  It’s a funny world, this footy tipping malarkey.

OH THANK FUCK the Eels have another Friday Night game.  I would hate for someone good to be in the spotlight for eighty minutes a week. 

Broncs to continue their winning form, Bunnies to bounce back (it helps that their two best players are arriving just in time), Cowbs to keep everyone guessing, Sharks to get back on the horse, Warriors to spank the Panthers, Storm to fuck up the Knights and the Chooks to get over the Tigers, but probably not by as much as everyone reckons.


Broncos vs Eels
Rabbitohs vs Sea Eagles
Cowboys vs Titans
Dragons vs Sharks
Warriors vs Panthers
Knights vs Storm
Tigers vs Roosters    

Game of the Round:

Raiders vs Bulldogs

Canberra will have a chance to show their home crowd that they can definitely lose by less than the last time they played at Bruce Stadium this week as they take on the Doggies.  Canterbury haven’t been travelling terribly well (maybe), and are probably lucky to be as high as they are on the ladder.  That said, Canberra are lucky to still be allowed in the comp sometimes. 

I am tipping a Raiders victory this weekend (seriously), and they will do it in a way that will annoy the fuck out of their fans by showing just how well they can play, a few weeks after giving a fine demonstration on just how shit they can be as well.  

The stuff that dreams are made of

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