Thursday, March 21, 2013

NRL Round 3: Not much happened this week

WOW WHAT A WEEK OF OFF FIELD RUGBY LEAGUE ACTION AND DRAMA is something that people would be saying if something had happened.  It’s probably a good thing that nothing happened during the week things got covered up well this time, as there’s only so many times you can read about overpaid, underperforming athletes not being “role models” for the next generation of superstars, or online forums with ‘sandra from brisvegas lol’ chiming in with her two-dole-cheques worth of “its ppl like this that make me relize that foot players our all idiot's i mean how smart do you have tobe too play football they need too grow up and get real jobs this is why i dont watch football anymore beaucause off ppl like this they are discraceful end i dont won't my kid's too grow up thinking that is exceptable behaviour.”

Writing that hurt my brain.  Fuck off, Sandra.

One word to describe tipping this week:  UUUUUUH.  Honestly, games in Round Three could go either way really easily; I can smell some upsets brewing, in particular the Storm vs Doggies match-up (I have a feeling that the Dogs will get up surprisingly easily [I’m not tipping them though]), and the Titans vs Manly game sends shivers down my spine to think that one of these teams has to actually win, and that makes me sad.  Also look out for the Knights to upset the Cowboys.  I don’t know if they’ll win the match, but they’ll probably upset them in some way – like making fun of them because they speak funny because they’re from Queensland, or they can’t read because they’re from Queensland, or they sniff a lot because they’re bogans because they’re from Queensland.  As soon as someone explains the Knights’ insults to the Cowbs, they will be VERY upset.

And drunk, because they’re from Queensland.  Also: rugby league players.

Round Three looks like this:

Storm vs Bulldogs
Tigers vs Eels
Titans vs Sea Eagles
Roosters vs Broncos
Sharks vs Warriors
Panthers vs Rabbitohs
Knights vs Cowboys

Game of the Round

Raiders vs Dragons

The Raiders were quite obviously robbed in last week’s game, and were desperately unlucky not to have come away with a win, finding themselves about seven tries short of toppling the Titans.  The best defensive effort was saved for their off-field exploits, however, as they miraculously stopped me from picking up my first full round of tips for the year.  Thanks, Fuckwits.  Raiders.  Fuckwits.

This week though, it’s back on like the proverbial game of Donkey Kong.  St George haven’t won at Canberra Stadium since 1941 or something, and after an ordinary week of off-field on-roof dramas, the Raiders will be looking to bounce back with a mahoosive victory over the Dragons.  The Green Machine have reportedly been working on the things that let them down last week, such as passing, catching, tackling, kicking, walking, standing and breathing.  Sandor Earl was so committed to training this week that he didn’t get any new tattoos, and I heard reports that he might have even got a haircut. 

If the Raiders don’t have enough to play for in the form of loyal fans and pride in their team (plus allegations of assault, both physical and sexual), then they have this:

Raiders Lime: relaunching in Canberra on 26 March.  Why use a big home-ground game to promote it when a random Tuesday will do just as well?

PS.  30,000 hits to  That sounds pretty good, until you realise that it has been active since about 2003.  Then it's just a bit sad.


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It's good... in a sad kind of way.

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Dear Mister Evil Breakfast,

League is inferior, that's all.

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