Friday, May 18, 2007

someone dropped a bomb somewhere

Righto. So some fat loser has decided to sue to NSW Government because he was bullied… and he won, so now he never has to work a minute in his sad, useless life. I hope now he understands why he was bullied.

Boo fucking hoo, you got beat up and called names when you were young. Welcome to school, pally boy. I’d say most of the people who went to school would have been bullied at one stage. It builds character. You enter school as a bucket of porridge, and leave sculpted out of Lego. If I hadn’t been bullied at school, I probably wouldn’t be able to juggle beer kegs with my pecs like I can now. Actually, I probably would, but I’d only be able to keep three in the air. Maybe four.

So thanks, Mr Useless Bastard for setting a stupid precedent which will no doubt “inspire” a whole new generation of pussies to claim mental anguish and be forced to sit at home with a bag of Cheese and Bacon Balls watching Oprah and then go on The Biggest Loser to “inspire” some other useless bastards.

You know what would be more inspiring? If you dried those pretty little pig eyes, cowboyed up and didn't receive the Mister Evil Breakfast Award for being this week's biggest oxygen-pirate. Take the knocks and come back (like Rocky) bigger and better than last time (until Rocky 4). Sure, it would mean you'd have to get a job and actually participate in life, but at least people wouldn't hate you. I polled a thousand people (ok, one, and it was me) and 100% of my survey think you suck.

You'd better spend that money on training to become a time-travelling ninja so you can go back and tear your bullies a new hole, or I'm gonna fire up my size 11s and kick you in the teeth so bad that even the bloke from The Pogues will think, "Fuck man, that guy's ugly."


Mr Bootfall said...

Someone should bully Mr Football into some reasonable opinions.

Anonymous said...

who the fuck are you mr bootfall?? Some fuckin nobody with too much time on their hands.

Maybe you should go back and read about my opnions on Richmond and Melbourne. They were spot on.

And while you were at it try and develop an opinion of your own instaed having pot shots at others.

I am pretty sure you are some tool that was bullied at school and now you are probably a fat cunt, with no friends and jerk of thinking about your grandmother. Probabaly a shmower supporter too.

Mister Evil Breakfast said...

Looks like I've touched a nerve with this post. Seems to me that there are an awful lot of fat losers out there who feel like they need a handout because they got stuffed into a locker at school.

Mr Football has nothing to do with this post, this is Mister Evil Breakfast. Mr Football talks about football, funnily enough.

You also mention that I should develop an opinion of my own instead of having pot shots at others. I posted my opinion. Just so happens that it's a pot shot at some useless drain on society. And until this waste of skin proves me wrong, I'll stick to my opinion like the dribble sticks to your chin. Wipe it off or it'll clog up your keyboard.

Anonymous said...

You are a very angry man Mister Evil Breakfast. Perhaps you should try taking up a sport like hockey to focus your anger.

Anonymous said...

I concur, I was beaten up and bullied repeatedly as a kid. In fact, I would go as far to say that it happened almost everyday. But they had good reasons for doing it, I was a dorky little shit with girly bean arms and thought that being a pussy was cool. But boy was it character building, i am so glad it happened as it tought me things that no school ever could. So thankyou Baz and Todd for beating me up as a kid, I am now a better man beacause of it.

Mister Evil Breakfast said...

I do play hockey. And by play, I mean dominate. And by hockey, I mean midgets.

Mister Evil Breakfast said...

Oh wait. There's a Mr Bootfall and an anonymous. For fuck's sake Mr Football, get a fucking login name or something. FUCK.