Monday, January 23, 2006

we are living in a material world

The other day, I was listening to the radio in my car and I heard a song that I didn't like, so I changed the station. To my shock, horror and suprise, the SAME song was playing. I changed it again. Once more, the same song was playing. Every station I tried, the same song was on. Then I realised that I wasn't changing the station, I was singing to myself. Then I realised that I wasn't even in a car, and had forgotten my pants.


megangribbel1499 said...

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Mister Evil Breakfast said...

Wow. What an exciting page. Here's a lesson for all the kiddies out there - if you're going to spam, make sure your web page actually exists before you send stuff out to people. Stay in school. Don't do drugs. By the way, Megan Gribbel, you have a hot name. I think we should get married, but only if I can take your surname. Mister Evil Breakfast Gribbel. I love it. But Megs, why do you have 1499 tacked onto the end of your name? Surely there aren't 1498 other Megan Gribbels out there, with such imagination and pride of the Gribbel to use their real name for their blog? In any case, I love your page. And you.