Friday, October 21, 2005

Dogs die in hot cars

I think technology has come a long way. We used to just have television, but now we have television and couches, and cheese in a tube. What about the times when television wasn't even invented? What would you do while you sat on your couch and ate cheese? No wonder I can't sleep at night.


lucyharolds2347 said...

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Mister Evil Breakfast said...

Thanks Lucy, but your page is as boring as it sounds. I gored my own eyes out, then put them in a blender, then fed that to my goldfish, then blended them, then sprinkled it on the lawn, then set fire to it, then stuck my head in the fire, sealing my eye sockets closed forever, just in case my eyes ever grew back and I regained sight and was somehow tempted to look at your blog again.